We Buy Gold

Contact us now to arrange and please read through our Gold Buyers Terms & Conditions below.

In order to comply with our obligations under the Second Hand Dealers and Pawn Broking Act (2004) we are required to verify the identity of the person selling the items to us under strict conditions of the Act.

A copy of one of the following must be supplied for Identification purposes a) NZ Drivers Licence b) NZ Passport c) HANZ 18+ Card

No other identification will be accepted

It is a requirement that you provide proof of residence at your address given such as power/telephone/gas bill or bank statement.

The vendor promises that the goods are his/her sole and absolute property

The vendor promises that the goods are not encumbered in anyway and that no other party has any interest ,whether registered or unregistered in the goods

In consideration of the purchase price, the Vendor, on the date of the purchase agreement, hereby transfers to Ezycash Gold Buyers all his/her right, title and interests in the goods.

The vendor promises the jewellery and or gold concerned is not stolen and the Vendor owns the goods outright and can prove this ownership if required.

On receiving your items you wish to sell Ezycash Gold Buyers will email and or at their discretion telephone you with a price for your items. If you agree funds will be transferred via overnight deposit to your nominated bank account or a cheque sent if you prefer.

If you do not accept or wish to sell your goods all items will be sent back to you via courier.

All items are opened under video surveillance and photographed as soon as received for your and our security.

All items brought by Ezycash Gold Traders will be held for a minimum of 14 days as per the Second Hand Dealers Act and will be made available to the Police and any other relevant authorities.

You must be 18 years of age to sell any items in New Zealand. There are no exceptions to the rule.

Ezycash Gold Traders will not buy or deal with any person under the legal age of 18 years

The customer must supply all the requested forms from Ezycash Gold Buyers or we will not be able to purchase your items

The customer takes full responsibility and legal accountability of where they obtained the items they are offering to sell to Ezycash Gold Buyers

Any customer suspected of attempting to sell any stolen gold jewellery or similar will be reported to the Police and appropriate agencies forthwith.

Ezycash Gold Buyers will not be held responsible or liable under any circumstances or events that led to the loss or damage to any customer's property during the courier delivery process.

The customer must be acting on his or her own behalf and not as the agent or representative of another person.

All gold is often tested to ensure what carat it is and this sometimes leaves and small mark on the gold. This is often able to be polish out and is done very discreetly but if you are unsure of the process please do not send your gold.

If any customer is unhappy with any part of the process please contact us immediately and we will happily ensure your concerns are dealt with quickly and professionally.

The customer agrees and authorises that Ezycash Gold Buyers may remove any gemstones or stones from jewellery as we pay for gold based on its weight

Diamonds will be quoted as part of the total amount offered and often can make a difference to final price paid.

The customer agrees and authorises that Ezycash Gold Buyers once payment has been made, can at its sole discretion, on-sell, melt or store the jewellery they buy, without any further consent from the seller once the legal period of 14 days as per Second Hand Dealers Act has been complied with.

All of our FREE courier packs come prepaid and addressed with a tracking number and insured to the value of up to $1000 - One thousand dollars whilst in transit. It is the customer's sole responsibility to take out higher value insurance if required for their goods or items before sending them to Ezycash Gold Buyers. If you require more than one courier pack please advice us.

The customer must further agree that in the event they send any non gold or silver items of zero value for goods to be returned they must pay a total cost of $8.50 by bank deposit or cleared cheque for courier costs.

If in the event any damaged or open courier packs are sent to Ezycash Gold Buyers, we reserve the right to return the package without any liability. In this event you would be contacted immediately and informed of a damaged courier package.

A sale and purchase request form for sale must accompany items for sale or signed before funds are transferred to your nominated account.

If you prefer a quote we are happy to quote then send a sale and purchase agreement for you to sign and post or email back to us.

Please read carefully and acknowledge that you have read and understand all information contained in these terms and conditions

No personal information will be given to any third party unless specifically requested from the NZ Police or appropriate government agency.

Limited Liability:

If in the unlikely event your items are damaged or lost whilst in our care prior to title being signed over the Ezycash Gold Buyers, we shall pay you 25% of the value of the items as supported by a sale or purchase receipts, up to the value of $250-.

You hereby acknowledge, understand and agree that we shall not be liable for any loss, damage in excess of $250- two hundred and fifty dollars and hereby waive any and all claims for additional damages resulting from the loss or destruction of your items

Ezycash Gold Buyers additional website terms & conditions:

Through using Ezycash Gold Buyers website www.ezycashgold .co.nz or by clicking any box indicates and acknowledges that you accept and agree to the terms and conditions listed above and repeated on the website and you signify to your agreement to these terms of use.

If you do not agree you may not use these sites.

Legal Disclaimer

The purchaser is a licensed pawnbroker & second hand dealer pursuant to the provisions of the Pawn Brokers Act 2004.

By signing legal disclaimer vendor of goods has read & has fully understood the before stated Terms & Conditions and agrees to abide & be bound by them.